Black Ankh Designs

Gothic quilts and life accessories


Black Ankh Designs is my venture to bring the goth aesthetic that I love to quilts and various other items that would usually be hard to find in a dark style.

I(Jayne) started sewing at a very young age, but when I was introduced to quilting in 2016 something just clicked. I immediately wanted to make as many dark and gothic themed quilts as I could. Quilts can be such a large part of a person’s life and I wanted that for as many people as possible. Many quilts are made/gifted for major life events such as graduations or weddings and these quilts can become happy reminders to be handed down through family. I also wanted to create quilts that could be used and well-loved so I strive to make all of my quilts machine wash and dryable and sturdy enough to take daily use.

While I make everything for Black Ankh Designs, I would never have been able to start this business without the help and support of my husband Crüjen. He is the one who believed in me and my business from the start. He also helps me with design choices and in-person markets.

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